Pre-Congress Course 3

Reproductive Loss

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024
Time: 1300 – 1710
Venue: Meeting Room 6, Secretariat Building, PICC

In an ever-advancing world of reproductive technology, much attention continues to focus on narratives of “successful” reproduction with clinic websites and social media flooded with images of cute and hugely longed for babies. IVF and fertility treatment provide much hope for individuals and couples longing to create their families, however, sadly as yet for some, there is no cure for infertility.

Approximately one in four individuals and couples in the Asia Pacific who are trying to conceive will experience Reproductive Loss. While many of these individuals and couples will go on to conceive without assistance, for those needing the additional support of ART specialists, the experience of reproductive loss has begun before they walk through the doors of an ART clinic. But Reproductive loss may not end when patients walk through our clinic doors: for some individuals and couples, reproductive loss is experienced after an already challenging IVF cycle; for others, this loss comes as they are supported to re-imagine the creation of their family in a different way, through the assistance of donor gametes. And for yet others, their reproductive loss may mean being supported in managing the emotional and practical aspects of ending treatment without that longed for baby. Regardless of the circumstances, these losses are significant and real.

This pre-congress workshop will bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience from experts across the APAC in the fields of psychology, counselling, and nursing, to help answer the question: How can we do better to deliver compassionate care, recognising Reproductive loss in all its forms?

With expert presentations, including those focussing in less explored areas of Reproductive loss, the opportunity for panel discussions with specialists in each discipline, and through the sharing of useful resources from a variety of countries in the Asia Pacific, this workshop will leave participants better equipped to deliver the compassionate care that all those seeking ART deserve.

This course is jointly organised by the ASPIRE Reproductive Nurses & Psychology & Counselling SIG

More information pertaining to registration can be found HERE

Programme outline Speaker Chair
1300 – 1310 Welcome and Introduction Carmel Carrigan (Australia) & Rebecca Kerner (Australia)
Overview of Reproductive Loss
1310 – 1335 Miscarriage and Still birth Celia Chan (Hong Kong) Carmel Carrigan (Australia)
Astor Tse (Hong Kong)
1335 – 1400 Using Donor Gametes Rebecca Moore (Australia)
1400 – 1425 Involuntary Childlessness Tanja Faessler (Singapore)
1425 – 1440 Q&A All Speakers
1440 – 1500 Coffee-Break
1500 – 1630 Panel Discussion Carmel Carrigan (Australia)
Adeline Ma (Hong Kong)
Tanja Faessler (Singapore)
Astor Tse (Hong Kong)
Sharon Lim (Singapore)
Celia Chan (Hong Kong)
Rebecca Kerner (Australia)
1630 – 1700 Resource Guidelines Sharing Carmel Carrigan (Australia)
1700 – 1710 Closing Remark Carmel Carrigan (Australia) & Rebecca Kerner (Australia)