Pre-Congress Course 2

Perfecting ICSI Techniques and Improving Outcomes (Hands-on workshop)

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024
Time: 0900 – 1800
Venue: Meeting Room 5, Secretariat Building, PICC

The course aims to comprehensively cover the evolution of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) in assisted reproductive technology. Participants will learn about the setup for ICSI, including micromanipulators, microscopes, automation tools, and robotic systems. Various ICSI techniques, such as IMSI and PICSI will be explored, with a focus on perfecting ICSI skills. Timing considerations during an ICSI cycle and gamete selection criteria will be emphasized. Additionally, participants will discover how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be implemented to enhance ICSI outcomes and training programs. The workshop will also delve into the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in ICSI, highlighting its role in improving gamete and embryo assessments. Overall, participants will gain practical insights and hands-on experience in the latest advancements shaping the field of ICSI.

This course is organised by the ASPIRE Endometriosis SIG.

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Programme outline Speaker Chair
LECTURES – 0900 – 1230
0900 – 0905 Introduction by Chairperson Keshav Malhotra (India)
0905 – 0920 The Evolution of ICSI Ryan Rose (Australia)
0920 – 0935 Setup for ICSI (Micromanipulators, Microscopes & Automation) Sweelian Liow (Singapore)
0935- 0955 Types of ICSI (IMSI,PICSI,PIEZO,ROBO) – to cover “Add-ons in ICSI Field as well” Elaine Pasamba (Philippines)
0955 – 1015 Timing Is Everything, When to Do What During an ICSI Cycle Keshav Malhotra (India)
1015 – 1030 Can Oocyte Activation Help All ICSI Failure Cases? Thomas Ebner (Austria)
1030 – 1040 Coffee-Break
1040 – 1100 Perfecting ICSI Technique Sweelian Liow (Singapore)
1100 – 1120 Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in ICSI Thomas Ebner (Austria)
1120 – 1140 Gamete Selection for ICSI: What’s Normal and What’s Abnormal Cecilia Sjoblom (Australia)
1140 – 1200 How to Implement KPIs and Use Them to Improve ICSI Outcome and Training Tiencheng Arthur Chang (Taiwan)
1200 – 1230 Panel Discussion – Different scenarios for ICSI All Faculty Krishna Mantravadi (India)
1230 – 1330 Lunch
Practical Workshop- Improving ICSI Outcomes – 1330 – 1800
1330 – 1800 The hands-on workshop will provide participants with practical experience in techniques such as ICSI, IMSI with Micromanipulation/Oosight, and PICSI. Additionally, there will be opportunities for open discussion on Loading/Consumables and Troubleshooting.