Pre-Congress Course 5

Andrological Solutions to Complex Problems

Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024
Time: 0900 – 1635
Venue: Meeting Room 2, Secretariat Building, PICC

In this workshop, we will be exploring innovative approaches and advanced techniques from the perspective of andrology.

Infertility poses a significant challenge for millions of couples worldwide, with male factor infertility being a prominent contributor to the struggle to conceive. However, recent advancements in andrology have opened new avenues for diagnosis and treatment, offering hope to those facing this complex issue.

Learning objectives
1. Evaluate the clinical effectiveness of new sperm selection techniques using microfluidics.
2. Investigate the feasibility of inducing in vitro spermatogenesis.
3. Identify essential considerations for urologists when submitting specimens to the IVF lab.
4. Assess the clinical utility of Piezo intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

This course is jointly organised by the ASPIRE Andrology SIG and Global Andrology Forum (GAF)

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Programme outline Speaker Chair
0900 – 0905 Introduction by  Chairperson Atsushi Tanaka (Japan)
0905 – 0925 Microfluidics in Sperm Selection Hong-Yuan Huang (Taiwan)
0925 – 0945 The Challenge of in Vitro Spermatogenesis Gwo-Jang Wu (Taiwan)
0945 – 1000 Q&A Discussion All faculty above Virgilio Novero (Philippines)
1000 – 1030 Coffee-Break
1030 – 1050 What Should Urologists Know Before Submitting the Specimen to the IVF Lab? William J Huang (Taiwan)
1050 – 1100 Q&A Discussion Atsushi Tanaka (Japan)
Debate: Pros and Cons of Piezo ICSI
1100 – 1150 Motion: For Kenichiro Hiraoka (Japan) Gwo-Jang Wu (Taiwan)
Motion: Against Atsushi Tanaka (Japan)
1150 – 1300 Lunch
VARICOCELE and ART: An In-Depth Symposium for Urologists and Reproductive Specialists
Varicocele is considered to be one of the commonest correctable causes of male infertility, but indications and outcomes of varicocele repair are still controversial. This symposium, jointly organized by the Global Andrology Forum and ASPIRE, will help urologists and reproductive specialists to resolve their clinical questions about the role and utility of varicocele repair.

Learning objectives: to understand the following aspects of varicoceles.
1. Diagnosis – clinical versus imaging
2. Indications for varicocele repair
3. Outcomes in different scenarios
4. Technical aspects of varicocele repair
5. Role of varicocele repair in patients undergoing ART procedures
Atsushi Tanaka (Japan)
Virgilio Novero (Philippines)
Rupin Shah (India)
1300 – 1310 Varicocele – Controversies and Dilemmas: An Overview Rupin Shah (India)
1310 – 1320 What Is the Role of Imaging in the Diagnosis of Varicocele? Dennis Lusaya (Philippines)
1320 – 1330 Expected Outcomes of Varicocele Repair for Infertility Ponco Birowo (Indonesia)
1330 – 1340 Is There a Role for Varicocele Ligation in Isolated Sperm Defects? Raman Tanwar (India)
1340 – 1350 Prognostic Factors for a Successful Outcome After Varicocele Repair Marlon Martinez (Philippines)
1350 – 1400 Which Technique Is Better – Radiographic, Laparoscopic, Conventional or Microsurgical? Widi Atmoko (Indonesia)
1400 – 1410 Surgical Considerations – Unilateral or Bilateral? Ligate Gubernacular Veins? Marlon Martinez (Philippines)
1410 – 1420 Operative Video – Microsurgical, Doppler-Assisted, Subinguinal Varicocelectomy Raman Tanwar (India)
1420 – 1430 Recurrent Varicocele – Should It Be Treated? Dennis Lusaya (Philippines)
1430 – 1500 Coffee Break
1500 – 1510 Is There a Role for Varicocele Ligation When the Couple Is Already Planning IVF-ICSI? Ponco Birowo (Indonesia)
1510 – 1520 Is Varicocele Repair Useful in Cases With High Sperm DNA Fragmentation? Raman Tanwar (India)
1520 – 1530 Is There a Role for Varicocele Repair in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss? Widi Atmoko (Indonesia)
1530 – 1540 Is Varicocele Repair Indicated in Azoospermic Men? Ponco Birowo (Indonesia)
1540 – 1550 Adolescent Varicocele – When Is Surgery Indicated? Widi Atmoko (Indonesia)
1550 – 1600 Role of Varicocele Repair in Orchalgia and Hypogonadism Dennis Lusaya (Philippines)
1600 – 1630 Q&A Discussion All faculty above Rupin Shah (India)
1630 – 1635 Closing Message Rupin Shah (India)