Register Safely

How to Register Safely

Warning: Fraudulent websites and booking agencies

The conference industry is currently facing a growing issue of fraudulent websites that mimic legitimate event pages, along with unauthorized booking agencies attempting to secure reservations for attendees without proper authorization.

In light of this, GIS Group Global Co., Ltd. would like to alert all participants of ASPIRE 2024 Manila about these potential scams. We strongly advise all participants to exclusively rely on the official ASPIRE 2024 Manila website, which can be accessed at

It has come to our attention that these imitation sites and agencies are luring conference participants with offers of travel arrangements and accommodations, asking for personal details, including credit card information. However, we want to stress the importance of exercising caution. These unauthorized entities might not fulfill their promises, and there’s a real possibility that they won’t provide any services despite charging your credit card. Your security and peace of mind are our priorities, so please remain vigilant and use only the official channels for all conference-related matters.

If you would like to book your accommodations, please contact the recommended hotels’ contact persons directly, or reach out to the ASPIRE 2024 congress secretariat at TEL: +886 2 8780-5688 or E-mail: